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Homeless Man Given Six Job Interviews Thanks to His Powerful Sign

Sunday, March 25, 2018
This formerly homeless man is being blessed by strangers left and right thanks to a woman sharing his plea for help on Facebook.
Sherryn Jackson was walking through the city center in Melbourne, Australia when she saw Barry: an elderly homeless man holding a sign with a long message inscribed in marker.
The sign read: “Hi I’m from Perth W.A, I’ve been here three weeks looking for work. I’ve tried so hard to get work. I have my HR truck driving license and have done lots of driving. I will do anything. Even clean toilets. I am now homeless I just want to make a new life so if anybody can help it would be great. Just give me a go please.”
Heartbroken, Sherryn posted a photo of the sign to a local group page on Facebook.
Not long after the photo was published, Barry received six phone calls for phone interviews and local accommodation.
Barry has been overwhelmed by the displays of kindness, although Sherryn does not plan on stopping until she can find her new acquaintance permanent housing.