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This Tortoise Accidentally Saved a Bunny’s Life – and Now They’re Best Buds

Tuesday, March 20, 2018
The tortoise and the hare may have been arch enemies in old folktales, but these two oddball companions have been best pals since Wamba the reptile accidentally saved the bunny’s life.
Ron Brink of the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Dove Mountain, Arizona is the proud caretaker of Wamba – a happy 50-pound African tortoise who lives in heated shelter near the hotel.
When Ron visited his tortoise enclosure the other morning, however, he found another creature residing inside: a tiny baby bunny.
The bunny had reportedly been wandering through the surrounding wilderness when it came across Wamba’s cozy heated enclosure. Despite there being a massive reptile living inside, it decided to take refuge anyway – and Wamba showed surprising hospitality. 
Luck was smiling on the bunny, too, because choosing this accommodation actually ended up saving the rabbit’s life.
Bunny and Wamba-The Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain
When Ron found the bunny resting with the tortoise, he found that there were several layers of matted weeds and grasses constricting its windpipe. If no one had examined the bunny, it likely would have choked to death.
Ron and Wamba will look after the little critter until it’s healthy and full-grown. Whether it will return to the wild or choose to stay with its new friends remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: they will cross that finish line together.
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