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Teen Helps Crying Boy On The Wrong Bus Get Home Safe

Sunday, September 16, 2018
A 15-year-old high school student has been praised for helping a distraught 11-year-old who got lost on his way home after his first day of high school.

The boy was on his way home from his first day of high school when he became upset, after learning he had got on the wrong school bus, from Holy Family Catholic High School and was getting further and further away from home.
And without a phone or any money, the 11-year-old had no means of getting home.

After spotting him crying, Tom O'Brien gave the boy £10 and ordered him a cab to collect him from the next stop. Two fellow students, Harry Campbell and Dylan Robson, stood with him while he waited for the cab to arrive.

The mother of one of the students on the bus shared the act of kindness on Facebook.
"There really are some truly decent kids out there!" Ruth Furlong wrote. "Alex's first day at high school yesterday and on the bus ride home, a year 11 lad came over to them all asking how their first day went? He spots a new kid crying because he's gotten on the wrong bus and it's getting further away from where he lives.

'It's ok mate, don't worry, you'll be home soon' he told him. He whipped out a tenner and arranged for a taxi to pick him up at the next bus stop and made sure he got home safe.

Alls I know is his name is Tom and he's a year 11 pupil at Holy Family so if anyone knows him or his parents, let them know what a lovely lad they've raised! Faith in humanity restored a little today."

Tom's older sister Katie O'Brien left a comment confirming his identity, writing: "Ahhh everyone it was my little brother."

"I've just been tagged in this by a friend of mine who's seen this status," she added. "We are so proud of Tom and it's so lovely to know he's a good lad in the outside world".

According to the Liverpool Echo, the taxi driver did not charge the boy and his parents for the young boy's ride home, and dropped the £10 back off at school for Tom.